Rebellion Ships Out a Little Christmas Cheer to Woolfe Backers

Posted by: Sam Tree | 21 December 2015

Earlier this year GRIN released a beta version of Woolfe: Red Hood Diaries; a steam punk take on the age old fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood. It was pretty good, and the backers of it’s Kickstarter campaign thought so too. Unfortunately, GRIN filed for bankruptcy before they could fulfil the backers physical rewards. This is where Rebellion stepped in.

Back in October, Rebellion acquired the rights to the franchise; and with it they promised to honour GRIN’s promise to the backers and provide them with physical copies of the game.

The team have been hard at work trying to fulfil this promise, and today announced that they have already shipped the physical copies and hardback art books to the backers! What a great surprise for the fans?

In the video below Head of Art, Chris Payton, shows off what backers can expect.

It’s always disappointing to hear when a studio goes under, but developers like Rebellion have restored my faith in humanity, just a little. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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