The Last of Us: A Picture Perfect Depiction of Boston

Posted by: Jayson Goetz | 8 March 2018

The Last of Us is known as one of the best zombie games to date. Not just for it’s over the top graphics or incredible sound depiction, but mostly for the irrevocable chills it sends down your spine. Imagine you’re fighting for your life in hyper-realistic areas during the zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile, raiders are out to take you hostage and steal your necessities to survive. Pretty intense, right?

Thankfully, we will mostly be discussing the ‘hyper-realistic area’ aspect of it. These areas are closely depicted to our real-world cities. One of the most accurately portrayed cities that you travel through in The Last of Us, is Boston. However, this Boston has a post-apocalyptic zombie facelift. You will recognize major landmarks, but be warned. These aren’t the landmarks you are used to. Here lies a journey into the zombie-infested Boston!

If you don’t want to know anything about the game, you should turn back now. You’ve been warned.

The T

Most Boston Natives will recognize familiar subway entrances and stops. Nicknamed the T, you will find yourself navigating through this area with extreme caution. You have to keep slow and quiet while hiding behind walls from the zombies and clickers. The worst part is, your flashlight is rendered useless. If you point that light in the wrong spot, consider yourself zombie meat.
(Disclaimer: The T is a great subway in real life!. It’s the fourth busiest subway system in America. So you can feel safe, for the most part, should you decide to ride it.)

Park Street Station

Further along, you will come to Park Street Station. In the game it is completely underwater and not a place you want to be. Especially when the girl you are escorting is unable to swim. This puts you in a position of finding ways to get her across the water while holding back Zombies. I should add that you’re being followed, so you will need to conserve your ammo and hide in the shadows. Luckily, she is immune to the disease. Otherwise, the poisonous clouds filling the station would have her turned against you in an instant.

As you progress, you will see a lot of the subway system and Park Street. You will even come across the park street map. The game developers, Naughty Dog, has an attention to detail that is unmatched.

Boston State House

One of the major buildings you are fighting to make it to is the Boston State House. There is a team of people waiting to take the immune girl you are escorting “someplace out west”. Somewhere they can test her blood to find a cure. Instead, they find the team murdered, and raiders already surrounding the building. This is unfortunately where a member of your team will be left behind as a sacrifice to keep the protagonist moving forward. In the game, it might be a dreadfully emotional moment. In the real world, visiting this historical place is one of the best things to do when in Boston!

The Swan Boats in the Public Gardens

I understand the buildings being collapsed and the state capital of Massachusetts being infested. We all know zombies can really destroy things. Well, turns out they can dig and claw at our emotions too. The beloved Swan boats received a taste of the infection. The famous attraction has had nothing but good times with good people until The Last of Us had to put its stamp on it.

From April to March every year, The Swan boats swoon tourists to glide across the waters of the Public Garden. This tradition has gone on filling people’s hearts since 1877 and Naughty Dog just had to change that (fictionally of course). Hopefully, no mallard ducks were harmed in the making of this game.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

There are several historical Boston buildings you will see, but not explore. This one is the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, dubbed the Boston Fed. It is critically known as one of Boston’s eyesores. The Boston Fed serves most of New England. The 32-story headquarter building is one of the places where the US Dollar is printed. You will know if your dollar originated from Boston if it has A1 printed in the Dollar code.

Most of the places you will come across in The Last of Us really do exist in Boston. If you explore more of the game, you will find yourself in places such as Texas, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. All offering their own amazing areas to explore.

If you think you have already seen it all and want more, you’re in luck. There is a sequel on the way made for next-generation PlayStation. There is no telling how wild the story will be in The Last of Us 2. But I can guarantee that If you think these buildings look amazing, just wait until you see the next ones.

Jayson is a recent graduate from Arizona State University who lives in Phoenix. Being a lover of video games and travel, he’s always ready to bust out a PS Vita and visit new places. He started writing in hope of sharing his experiences with fellow gamers and travel bugs.

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