HomePass Tutorial for 3DS Version 9.4 on Windows - Updated

Posted by: Sam Tree | 24 December 2014

Back in version 6.2 Nintendo added the StreetPass Relay function, which widened the StreetPass functionality. Unfortunately, there are still some 3DS owners who live in places without access to these, and other 3DS owners. So, some clever individuals created the HomePass Relay. Letting users experience StreetPass from the comfort of their own home. Since the update to version 9.3 some protocols were changed making it harder for Windows users to set this up. I have written a tutorial for those who are on version 9.3 and upwards to get HomePass working again.

Homepass video guide for Windows 10 can be found here

***UPDATE – July 26th 2015***

Having trouble with the nzone.exe app? Scroll down to the bottom of the guide (below the video) for an alternative method.

***UPDATE – April 18th of May 2015***

Before commenting that this is not working, please make sure you have tried all of the troubleshooting below. Make sure your firewall is not blocking any thing and that you have followed the guide correctly.

If your 3DS has picked up the NZone app and can connect to other internet services through the access point, it is working. You just have to wait for StreetPasses. Don’t comment saying it’s all set up but you’re not getting any passes, we cannot help with this. It may be that the StreetPass relay servers are down.

I will always try to help as best as I can, but I cannot always reply to every comment.

I have set up a special email address for those who are still having issues: homepass@glaciergaming.co.uk. (Requesting Homepass files through this email will be ignored).

***UPDATE – April 21st 2015***

We can confirm that this Homepass method still works on version 9.7.0-25

***UPDATE – April 8th 2015***

We can confirm that this Homepass method still works on version 9.6.0-24

***UPDATE – March 26th 2015***

Removed direct links to files as Google has marked the article as a dangerous site. You can still get the files from our Homepass Hub

***UPDATE – March 3rd 2015***

This Homepass method still works on version 9.5.0-23

***UPDATE – FEBRUARY 3rd 2015***

I can confirm that this method still works on version 9.5.0-22

***UPDATE – JANUARY 10th 2015***

The guide is now working. Download links have been updated etc. Enjoy :)

***UPDATE – JANUARY 8th 2015***

This method is currently not working. We will update this article when we have some more information.

First and foremost. I take no credit what so ever for any of the HomePass scripts or functions. I am only collecting together an easy way to get it set up on Windows. All of my sources will be linked below.

This guide assumes you only use your WiFi to connect to the internet. It is suggested you disable your Ethernet connection.

Make sure your WiFi adapter is connected to your WiFi connection first.

What you will need:

  • A PC running Windows 7/8
    • I have specifically used Windows 8, but the process should be near identical in Windows 7
  • A compatible wireless card
    • This will be the first thing we check to save time
  • A 3DS/2DS on version 9.3 or higher
  • Mac Check from the Homepass Hub
    Your antivirus may pick this up as malicious software. I can assure you it is not. If you are trying to download it and it is not working, your antivirus will be to blame. Please do not leave comments saying you cannot download the file, the download links are fine. It is most likely that your anti virus is blocking the files
    • Contains the script to check if your WiFi card can change its MAC address.
  • The nzone.exe file from the Homepass Hub
    • This will always be the most up to date version
  • Basic computer understanding

Step One

First, to make things easy we want to move a copy of CMD.exe to the root of your hard drive. I am assuming that Windows is installed on your C drive.

  • Navigate to: C:\Windows\System32
  • Locate CMD.exe
  • Right click on CDM.exe and click copy
  • Navigate to the root of your C: drive
  • Right click on empty space and click paste
    • If you get a window pop up that says “Destination Folder Access Denied” just click Continue

Step Two

We now want to make sure that your WiFi adapter is able to change its MAC address. As this is what we are ultimately trying to do on a rotating basis.

  • Unzip the contents of the maccheck.zip file you downloaded to the root of your C: drive. Again, click Continue if you get the access denied box pop up.
  • Copy the nzone.exe file to the root of your C: drive.
  • Right click on maccheck.cmd and click Run as administrator. Click Yes if asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer.
  • Let it run for a few minutes. You should get a box come up that looks some thing like this:

Look at the top row of zeros. See how there are some ones as well? This means that your WiFi card should work fine. If you just have a long line of zeros with no ones, it won’t work. Sorry.

Step Three

Now we want to start the MAC address rotation and start up the spoofed Nintendo Zone for the 3DS to connect to.

  • Right click on CMD.exe and click Run as administrator. Click Yes if asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer.
  • Type nzone.exe start BASE256 and press enter
    • You can also use You can also use BASE16. This will determine the list of MAC addresses that will be cycled.
      • BASE16 has 16 MAC addresses that changes every 30 minutes
      • BASE256 has 256 MAC addresses that changes every 2 minutes or so.
  • You should have a screen now that looks like this:

  • You should notice after a few seconds that a file called nzone.macs is created in the root of your C: drive. This means the script is now working.

Step Four

Now we just want to make sure that the WiFi is shared and that the spoofed Nintendo Zone is getting access the the internet.

  • Right click on your Wireless icon on your task bar and open up your Network and Sharing Centre.
  • On the left click Change adapter settings
  • You should see a screen like this:

Note: Your WiFi adapter might be called some thing different. I have renamed mine to make it easier.

  • Right click on the connection that says ConsoleNintendo3DS
  • Click on Status
  • It should look like this:

  • IPv4 Connectivity should say Internet

Step Five

That is basically every thing done. Now you need to make sure your 3DS is tuned on and has it’s WiFi switched on. Make sure you have no connections saved on your 3DS at this point. You do not need to add the ConsoleNintendo3DS connection to your 3DS, it will work without adding it.

You’ll know it is working because your 3DS will show it is connected to the internet, even though it has no connections saved:

  • Now all you have to do is close your 3DS, and wait for your StreetPasses to come rolling in!

Step Six

If you want to stop the script, you can do so by typing:

  • nzone.exe stop and press enter


  • If you are using this method through WiFi, it will periodically disconnect you from the internet when it changes the MAC address, so it is not recommended to be running if you need to use your PC
  • It is possible to use a Wired connection to share the internet connection with the ConsoleNintendo3DS connection, however I found after it cycled a few MAC address, the internet sharing would stop working unless I disabled and re-enabled the Wired connection.
  • If your 3DS is not connecting to the spoofed Nintendo Zone, try rebooting it, or disabling and re-enabling the WiFi on it.


If you are using a WiFi connection to use the internet, when this is enabled you will keep getting disconnected from your WiFi connection every time the MAC address changes. The script will keep running util you reboot, or until you stop it by typing nzone.exe stop in the CMD.exe (as administrator)


As I mentioned earlier, neither GlacierGaming.co.uk or myself claim any credit for making this work. I just felt the need to write up a guide for version 9.3/9.4 of the 3DS software as there seemed to be nothing around. All the information I have obtained for this tutorial was found by trawling through the tread over on GBATemp, which can be found here

Please remember: Although it is unlikely to do any damage to your PC setup, GlacierGaming.co.uk does not take any responsibility for any thing that might go wrong from using this guide. Use at your own risk.


Q: Every thing is set up, the MAC addresses are changing and I get the internet on my 3DS, but still no Streetpasses
A1: Leave it for a while, it may take time for you to get your first round of Streetpasses
A2: Try disabling your antivirus, or adding an exception for the nzone.exe app (Thanks to Eevee for this one)

Q: Every thing seems to be working, I get internet access on my 3DS, but the MAC address is not being changed/the nzone.macs file has not been generated.
A: While the nzone.exe script is running, try typing nzone.exe BASE256 start and press enter. I found this kick starts it into working.

Q: After typing the command to start nzone.exe in cmd I get the message ‘msxml3.dll’ and then nothing happens. Do you have any idea why?
A: I found this normally means your Wifi is not connected to your network. Make sure you’re connected before trying to run nzone.exe. If the problem persists, try a reboot.

Which Adapter to Use?

I have had a few questions asking me which adapter I use. For my setup I am using Windows 8.1 with the TP-Link TL-WN725N. The product page can be found here

This adapter does not seem to work in Windows 10

  • If you live in America, you can find it on Amazon for $9.99.
  • In the UK, it is currently on Amazon for £6.00
  • And from the Spanish Amazon it is €6.65


Updating from an older version of nzone.exe

  • If you have followed this guide previously, and you are having problems, redownload the nzone.exe file from the Homepass Hub and copy it to your C: drive.
  • Right click on CMD.exe and click Run as administrator. Click Yes if asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer.
  • Type nzone.exe reload
  • Type nzone.exe start BASE256
  • Check your 3DS. the Nintendo Zone app should flash and then the Internet icon should become visable on the top left. As long as this happens it is now working. You may have to wait for Street Passes.

If you are unable to run maccheck.cmd
Thank you to 1st_Luis for this

Assuming your wireless connection is named “WLAN”:

  • Have the cmd file and machshift in any folder you want
  • Run cmd as administrator
  • Type: macshift -i WLAN 4E53504F4F46
  • Open your adapter settings. Secondary click on “WLAN” – Status. Then check details. You’ll see the address you just typed in there. If you don’t see it, then you won’t be able to change macs.
  • To revert the MAC change and left it as it was, just type: Type: macshift -i WLAN -d

This way you can make sure your Wireless card is able to change MAC’s. If you can do it, go on ahead with the tutorial above to use nzone.

Not getting Internet under IPV4
Try disabling your firewall, or adding an exception for the nzone.exe app, some times this can block it.

MAC Addresses are not changing

Michael Fagerstrom suggested this method:

Create a text file and paste in the following code:

nzone reload
nzone BASE256 start
timeout /T 90
goto top

Change the file extension to .cmd and run it from the same directory as your nzone.exe file.

After the MAC changes I lose sharing

Make sure you have disabled your Ethernet connection. Your set up should look some thing like this:

Every thing is set up, but my 3DS does not connect to the access point

Make sure you have added an exception into your firewall for the NZone.exe app. If this is still not working, try disabling your firewall temporarily, if it works, this is the issue. If not, make sure you have followed the guide exactly. (Make sure you turn your firewall back on, only turn it off to test!)

Every thing is set up, my 3DS shows it has an internet connection but I am not getting any StreetPasses

If you can use any of the internet services (browser, nzone app on the 3DS) then every thing is set up and working. You just need to wait.

My computer shows that there are no packets being sent/received but every thing is set up correctly

Make sure you have no other WiFi connections saved in your 3DS. Also make sure it is in sleep mode. Some times it can take up to 5 minutes to start receiving/sending packets.

If you’re still not sure, open the NZone app on the 3DS. If this connects through the ConsoleNintendo3DS connection, every thing is working fine.

When trying to run the nzone.exe app I get the error message: ADODB.Stream

No much is known about this error. It may have some thing to do with the DNS on the router. We first recommend restarting your router. If this does not work, you can try using a different DNS setting on your router. OpenDNS has a good guide on how to do this. As a last resort, you may need to restore your router to its factory settings.


If you’re having problems, try disabling your Ethernet connection while using the script. You won’t really be able to use the PC to browse the internet while this is running, but you should get your StreetPasses.

If any one has any problems, or questions, feel free to post them in the comments and I will do my best to help!

Video Guide

Beef_RamenTTV has created a great video guide on how to set up Homepass. For any one who is having difficulties with the written guide:

Alternative Method – NBAHomePass

A lot of people (including myself) have been having some problems with nzone.exe. For a lot of people it’s still working great, but for others, it’s all set up but the 3DS does not connect to the WiFi connection.

If you’re having an issues, try this:

  • Download NBAHomePass.exe from the link in the Homepass Hub.
  • Place it in the same folder as your CMD.exe file.
  • Right click on CMD.exe and click “Run as Administrator”.
  • Type in NBAHomePass.exe BASE256 and then press enter.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.
  • To stop, just close the CMD.exe dialogue box.


If you run into the following error:

You will need to make sure you have installed Microsoft Visual C++

Once again, neither myself or GlacierGaming.co.uk take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to your PC from using this. Neither myself or GlacierGaming.co.uk take any credit in developing this app. It was created by Nba_Yoh on the GBA Temp forums

Windows 10 Video Guide

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