Parkour Founder David Belle Partnered with Dying Light

Posted by: Sam Tree | 21 January 2015

It has been revealed that Techland, developer of the upcoming zombie title Dying Light, worked closely with Parkour founder David Belle to ensure the free running aspects of the game are authentic.

The game was even tested by Belle to ensure it got his seal of a approval, so to speak. The video below, titled ‘David Belle & Dying Light – Zombie Parkour’ documents his input on the game and is the second in the series of Pakour inspired videos to be released. The first being the Dying Light Parkour Point-of-View video we posted about earlier this month.

“David’s influence really helped us push the parkour system to a point where it felt authentic yet still intuitive and worked perfectly in-game. We’ve had so many journalists and external playtesters say to us that this really is game-changer in terms of first person perspective freedom of movement. “ – Adrian Ciszewski, Game Director

David Belle is mainly known for his influence on the founding of the free running sport Parkour. His skills are pretty much legendary. He has also had a staring role in the District 13 movies as Leïto as well as coordinating stunt roles for films such as Babylon A.D., Transporter 2, and The Family.

You can catch the video below. And remember, Dying Light is out later this month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC on January 27th 2015.

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